Grapefruit’ club night branding

The 2019/2020 LGBT+ Committee were forced to rebrand LGBT+ club night ‘Proud’ following a previous rebrand from ‘Climax’. The general theme of the rebrand centres around a strong neon ‘edgy’ EDM theme. As the committee’s publicity design officer, I took lead on the graphical side of the rebrand, collating moodboard content from other committee members and creating mockup logos, culminating in this final version.

Grapefruit's solid colour logo

Grapefruit’s solid colour logo

The full solid colour logo in its original palette. The logo features the word ‘Grapefruit’ in the Comfortaa typeface. The capital G is a custom pathed replacement that is more circular than the typeface’s version to help further the grapefruit aesthetic.

Grapefruit's neon logo

Grapefruit’s neon logo

The full logo stroked as neon in a different palette, intended for full public use on posters, flyers, and online use by the Student’s Union. The logo artificially imitates a raster glow effect, but this effect is not used in production of animated visuals.

Grapefruit's rainbow neon logo

Grapefruit’s rainbow neon logo

The full logo stroked as neon in a rainbow palette, intended for print and online use by the LGBT+ Committee.

An example LGBT+ Committee promo banner for Grapefruit

An example LGBT+ Committee promo banner for Grapefruit

A wholly derivative work based on the assets produced by the Student’s Union’s Entertainments Department.